At the Mountain Gravity there is something to do for everyone. From the Pink Skyvan we will again have the fastest mountain swoops, the hottest freefly jumps, the most challenging formations and the nicest wingsuit flights. We continue the saga of Mountain Gravity on August 19th 2017 and we claim the airspace over the alps. And then it's all about skydiving, relaxing and enjoying for 9 whole days.

It's not the first time that we have the honor of welcoming the notorious Pink Skyvan from Klatovy. This pink beast, driven by over 1400 horses brings you and your friends up to altitude in a matter of minutes, staying true to the motto of the Beech 99 of the last few years.


OE-FDE offers place for 20 skydivers and with 2 meters height inside, it's comfortable to stand in even for the big folks. The way to leave this flying shoebox is via the immensely huge back door - generally running out.

Apart from loadorganizing in 4 disciplines we also offer anything you need besides jumping. We have packers and a rigger on site as well as shuttles for the mountain swoopers and off-site landers. Our manifest system and payment system run digitally with your personal customer card so that you don't have to carry cash around all the time. Also, Aerodyne and Performance Designs are on site with a lot of demo canopies for you to try out.


Please note that we cannot accept card payments on site, but only cash. That's why we offer you to buy and pay tickets and such in advance via wiring. Only thing you have to do is to note in the registration in the field remarks how many tickets you'd like to buy beforehand.

MG2015 - Day 7

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